Ballig Bridge print


Harold Daniell - a Norton works rider - wrote off his brother in-law’s machine at Ballig Bridge during practice in 1938. Norton were late delivering the bikes, which is why he had to borrow one. Badly injured and having not even sat on the works Norton, Daniell had a huge task ahead of him. And with Norton’s run of seven junior TT wins, he was under additional pressure to win. In spite of this, after a huge scrap with Stanley Woods, Daniell won the race with a record-breaking lap of 91 mph. But what’s more incredible is that Daniell’s vision was so bad he wasn’t allowed to serve in the army during the Second World War and had to wear glasses under his goggles.

“For anyone with an interest in some beautifully illustrated quirky facts about the TT races and the bare facts on the female form it is a must” Murray Walker

Each of Rachael Clegg’s images depict a moment in the TT’s 110-year history. And each image is shot in exactly the same place as where the incident originally occurred. All images are printed on archive-quality paper.

Limited, special-edition prints are signed, numbered and printed on baryta paper. Limited to just 50 or 25, the special edition prints also come with a certificate of authentication and accompanying text.

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