Tiergarten Print


In 1945 parts of the Nürburgring’s smaller, southern track, the Südschleife, were destroyed by US Sherman tanks. A Commanding Officer realised that the Südschleife provided a cut-through from Müllenbach - where the regiment was based - to the village of Nürburg. Their tanks tore up the road surface as they headed east from the Südschleife. The damage was such that there was no racing on the Südschleife until 1947. There is little of the Südschleife remaining but here, at Tiergarten, is close to where the two circuits used to meet.

“For anyone with an interest in some beautifully illustrated quirky facts about the TT races and the bare facts on the female form it is a must” Murray Walker

Each of Rachael Clegg’s images depict a moment in the Nürburgring’s eventful 90-year history. And each image is shot in exactly the same place as where the incident originally occurred. All images are printed on archive-quality paper.

Limited, special-edition prints are signed, numbered and printed on baryta paper. Limited to just 25 or 50, the special edition prints also come with a certificate of authentication and accompanying text.

All prices include postage and packaging within the UK.