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Rachael Clegg's Sound Stories paintings nod to a gem of motorcycle racing history...

In 1956 a Bradford man called Stanley Schofield decided to produce a series of programmes covering the Isle of Man TT Races.

These recordings covered the TT from 1958 until 1967. And they were for the real TT lover - people who relished, for example, the sound of an AJS, a Norton, a Mondial or whatever fuselage of engines were gracing the course at that time.

Among these recordings are some of the most exciting races in TT history - from the British-dominated grid of the late 50s - with the likes of Bob McIntyre and Geoff Duke - to the infamous duel between Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini at the Diamond Jubilee TT, 1967.

Schofield called these programmes, quite simply, Sound Stories, for it was the sounds of machines that the programmes celebrated.

Schofield set about his mission with a handful of sound engineers, strategically placed at various parts of the course, and a father-son commentary duo - Graham and Murray Walker.

The team would record the bikes, re-convene at the digs and Murray and Graham would write the script. The sound team - led by a man called Gordon Pitt - would identify the appropriate soundbite.

Murray said: “They were working through what was - quite literally - miles of tape of engine sounds. Gordon Pitt would then put the whole lot together. It was a hell of a feat.”

In the Sound Stories paintings, Rachael has captured the sound of Mike Hailwood soaring over Cronk-y-Voddy on a Honda six, as well as a 500/4, RG500 and RC173 but she's also painted the sounds of other bikes - such as the Triumph Scrambler - in their full-throttle glory.

Rachael can take any sound, of any bike, and translate it into a painting - so get recording and ride the wave. The Sound Stories collection includes prints, paintings and soon t-shirts.