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Milestones has become something of a cult calendar. The brainchild of Rachael Clegg, the calendar is a visual celebration of the IOM TT races in that every single image tells a story of an event in the TT’s history. To create Milestones, Rachael - who also models in the shots - teemed-up with original photographers Peter Greste, Ian Parry and assistant Shaz Nicol. Greste, sadly was one of the al-Jazeera journalists to have been arrested in Cairo so for the 2015 calendar Ian Parry - art nude impresario - stepped in.

Milestones has grown year-on-year. Its images are thanks to two trips to A & E, a Manx cat bite, umpteen gallons of diesel, a near-arrest and props from the likes of John McGuinness and Guy Martin. It’s almost as dangerous as racing at the bloody TT!

Shot on the TT course itself, the calendar pays homage to the TT in that each image is accompanied by text explaining the story behind it.

The original idea struck Rachael on the way home from the TT three years ago. She said: “I was listening to a recording of an AJS on the grid and also my recording of the press conference that year, in which Guy Martin was cracking really good gags. Somehow these two things triggered the idea to start a calendar. The AJS sounded visceral and raw and the press conference summed up what the TT’s about: sensational speeds and quirky characters. I wanted to embody all these qualities in the calendar.”

And she did. At 4am every morning over several weeks. But now, thank goodness, it’s available here...