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Rachael Clegg is an art director and artist based in the UK. Her work fuses history, wit and image to create bold, visually striking photographs that illustrate historical events significant to the client. Clegg - a trained journalist and art history graduate - researches companies, historical events and current affairs and mines her findings for visual inspiration. She also writes the accompanying historical text, which itself becomes part of the artwork.

Like her images, her words are straight-to-the-point. Clegg’s style is surreal, thought-provoking and attention-grabbing. Whether it’s two women emerging from a giant pair of trousers (see Alexander Graham Bell) or a nude with a television head (see Early Bird), Clegg’s work demands closer inspection.

But her biography is far from that of the conventional art director. Clegg studied Art Foundation at Manchester Met, then graduated with a first-class degree in Art History at the University of York, followed by an Art History MA specialising in post-war American art and literature, again at the University of York. At the same time (from 1997 - 2004) she worked at Tate Liverpool, leading workshops for young people and working as an intern in the exhibitions department. But while in the midst of pursuing her curatorial career, with no money or place to live, she encountered another career - by accident.

She was invited to a concert in Manchester with some friends. Having no cash, she pretended to be a journalist, blagged her way into the gig, interviewed the band (“why not?” she said), got it published and decided that journalism was her fate. She has been a features writer, as well as an artist, ever since. Now, of course, these two paths - art and journalism - have crossed over and inspired a unique approach to working, one in which facts and form are at one with each other.